Who Is the Best Volleyball Player of All Time?

In its more than a hundred-year’s history, volleyball has given us a fair share of incredible athletes. As is the case in all sports, volleyball fans have their favorites, those they consider to be the greatest players of all time.

Who is the best player of all time is difficult to say. However, the Fédération Internationale de  Volleyball (or FIVB) compiled a list of all the greatest volleyball players in the last century, both male and female.

Charles Frederick Kiraly

Charles “Karch” Kiraly is an American player. He is who most volleyball fans refer to as the best male volleyball player of all time. Charles has win three Olympic gold medals and a World Championship. He was known for his equal mastership of both outdoor and indoor volleyball. After he retired, Kiraly went on to coach the Women’s National Team for the US and led the team to a FIVB World Championship.

Hugo Conte

Hugo Nestor Conte, from Argentina, is a former player and current volleyball coach for an Italian team. Known as a well-rounded player and one of the most intelligent players in the world, Conte won third place in the Olympics and the World Championship while playing with the Argentinean team.

Lorenzo Bernardi

Lorenzo Bernardi played for the Italian National Team and went on to coach that same team after he retired from playing. Lorenzo won many championships during his years with the national team, including a World Cup, two World Championships, five World Leagues, and two European Championships.

As for the female teams, they have also produced some of the best athletes in the world.

Regla Torres Herrera

This Cuban player has won a place in the Volleyball Hall of Fame. She achieved her first gold at the Olympics when she was just 17 years old. Torres is also the recipient of the Best Player of the 20th Century Award.

Inna Valerievna Ryskal

With several international championships under her wing, Ryskal played a huge part in making the Soviet volleyball team the best in the world at the end of the 1960s. Among her achievements, Ryskal won two gold Olympic medals, two FIVB World Cups, and a World Championship.

Kerri Lee Walsh Jennings

Kerri Walsh is one of America’s greatest beach volleyball players. Her first time playing for the American team was in the FIVB Beach Volleyball World Tour in 2003. Later, she went on to win three gold medals in the Olympics and the World Championship.

Misty Elizabeth May-Treanor

Kerri Walsh’s teammate, May-Treanor is another great beach volleyball player with three gold Olympic medals. In 2012, May-Treanor was declared the most successful player in a beach volleyball female team, as she has more than 110 championship wins, both domestic and international.

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