Why Do Volleyball Players Wear Tape?

Why Do They Wear Tape?

You may look at seasoned athletes, both professionals and even high schoolers who have played for a long time and noticed that they tend to wear tape on their fingers. The first thought that potentially crosses your mind is “why do they wear tape?” It does look uncomfortable to the viewer who may not know a lot about volleyball, but it actually helps the player not hinder their performance. This article will help you understand why volleyball players wear tape and the most effective ways to tape your fingers.

volleyball players wear tape

Volleyball Players Wear Tape Because It Offers More Strength When Playing

The simple answer is that volleyball players wear tape on their fingers to offer more strength when playing. Hitting the ball can be intense on the fingers and without the tape, players are more exposed to injuries. A common technique that is used is known as “buddy taping”, where the player will tape 2 fingers together. This will offer the player more strength in the fingers for playing. Players will also tape their fingers if they are recovering from an injury, allowing them to continue playing without risking further injury to their fingers. You will want to make sure that you have the right products, generally gauze and athletic tape, to properly tape your fingers.

It is essential that you use the right technique for taping your fingers.

When you tape your fingers properly, you will get the most power from your fingers and protects your fingers better from injury. However, you won’t get these benefits if you don’t properly tape them. To do this correctly, follow these steps:

1. Take your hand and place it on a flat, even surface. Start the taping process with your non-dominant hand, especially since you’ll likely need help taping up your dominant hand. Don’t start taping up yet.

2. Take a piece of gauze and fold it up, placing it in between the two fingers that you will be taping up together. The gauze will help your fingers to stay comfortable while playing while also reducing friction.

3. Hold the fingers together with the gauze tightly in place. Use the tape and roll it along the base of the fingers, overlapping it a few times to make sure that the tape and your fingers are secure. Be sure that it isn’t too tight that it cuts off the circulation in your fingers.

4. Make another row of tape between the 1st and 2nd joints on your fingers. This will reinforce the security of your fingers. You will want to flex and contract your fingers after you are done to ensure mobility.

5. You can do this process on your dominant hand, but it is suggested to have a teammate, coach, or trainer help you with your dominant hand.

6. Add more strips of tape to protect your fingernails and your fingertips, which tend to get injured during volleyball. Wrap the tape around the bottom of the nails to over the top of the fingertips. Use an additional piece of tape over the top to reinforce the tape, offering additional protection.

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