Why Do Volleyball Spandex Shorts Need To Be So Short and Tight?

I’ve always wondered why women’s volleyball spandex shorts were so short and tight. Was it for the sex appeal? Was there some other sinister reason? Аre these shorts ultimately sexist? Аs a woman myself, I always felt uncomfortable when I saw these shorts on TV in some international volleyball championships. So, I decided to do some research into the real reasons for volleyball shorts being as they are. Here’s what I found.

The Many Benefits Of Volleyball Spandex Shorts

First of all, the main reason spandex shorts are used today is the incredible range of motion it provides. Spandex is a light, non-intrusive material that allows you to move your limbs as quickly as if you weren’t constricted by clothing. Volleyball as a sport values your range of motion a lot. You frequently have to catch balls very low to the ground or high up in the air. With regular shorts, doing these activities will bunch up the material. And also make it extremely uncomfortable for you to wear.

Spandex shorts don’t wind up anywhere you don’t want them and don’t bunch up unnecessarily. Thanks to how tight they are, there is no chance of you exposing your underwear.

Unlike if the volleyball players wore shorts from traditional sports. Spandex also deals with moisture better than conventional sports shorts. So it makes sense to go for spandex in a very high-action sport with significant demands for motion.

Volleyball Spandex Shorts Are Also Very Comfortable To Wear

...If not more comfortable than underwear. So long as you don’t give into being ashamed of your body, they are mechanically the better shorts for the sport. If they weren’t, if they were just there for sex appeal and sexualisation of the game, they would not be used at the international stage for so many years. On the international stage, where every advantage matters, some team would definitely switch to shirts that enhance their gameplay more if there were any that existed on the market.

On another note, a lot of the volleyball players enjoy wearing the spandex shorts. They think they are fashionable, look good and allow you to convey your personality with patterns and colours. Such market giants as Nike have firmly planted themselves in the market with their new line of Nike Pro spandex shorts.



Why Don't Men Wear Volleyball Spandex Shorts?

Now, you might be asking - if spandex offers so many advantages, why don’t men wear it? Well, because of the tight design of spandex and male physiology, spandex actually provides significantly less to men. Men’s volleyball is also more focused on power rather than agility, so the range of motion is less of a concern for them.

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