Pro Volleyball Player Confessions About Volleyball Shorts

I am an ex pro-volleyball player and have experienced years of being uncomfortable in my active wear.  Whether practising or on the playing field, my sportswear cut, tightened and ‘invaded’ the most sensitive of places.  Most of the sportswear available are ill-suited for the leaps, dives, jumps, and squats you have to do during a match.  Volleyball is a fast-paced, high impact sport, and there is little to no time to constantly wardrobe adjust.

A few of my pet peeves about the activewear available range from the See-Through Material, Muffin Top creating waistbands, Riding Up when in a squat position, Cameltoe, and embarrassing Sweat Patches on your shorts. 

Professional volleyball players have little time to be concerned about these elements but they are a problem, and they do distract.  Not to mention the embarrassment caused.

That is exactly what Pro Volleyball Shorts is here to do. This is an innovative company that really wants to talk about an issue that these other companies do not want to discuss: YOUR UNDERWEAR SITUATION

I really enjoy volleyball, and as a woman, I am aware that look and sports style is important from the aspect of looking good and experiencing comfortable movement. Especially if you wear shorts on a daily basis. I had my training twice per day (morning and in the afternoon). If my body felt comfortable, I had more joy when I played a volleyball game. Read how...