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AvatarCadence Vogt (Volleyball player)

"Hi, my name is Cadence Vogt. I’m 21 years old and I am a volleyball player. I have been playing volleyball for 4 seasons including club and I am a fully dedicated member of this sport! I practice at least 6 times a week with my team and have been having some issues with trying to find the right shorts for me to feel confident and not have to worry about having to pull down my shorts, or having to adjust them. When I found out Pro Volleyball Shorts I also found the solution to my problems! Shorts have helped and impacted my life on and off the court. Full Commando thank you for designing such a great Pro Volleyball Shorts!!!"


AvatarTara Lofley (have to return shorts)

"That is astoundingly generous of you. I didn't expect that you return to me all $72 including shipping costs without any questions asked! Thank you. I'll be sure to look and see what else you have for sale. I wish you many blessings."


AvatarElizabeth Hayes

"We were so excited when they finally came in for my daughter to try. We have gone through 5 brands before these but these by far are the best spandex on the market. The fabric is soft to the touch and hugs the body better. The flat seams make them super comfortable. The material does not show anything and provided both player and parent the confidence that they will be completely covered while on the court. The elastic stitching makes the shorts move better and don’t restrict movement. Plus the material does not feel wet or heavy when they get sweaty. By far the best spandex for volleyball I loved them so much I have a pair for running too."


AvatarApril Crump (assistant varsity coach for high school volleyball team)

"They are a huge HIT and the girls love them. I am assistant varsity coach for our high school volleyball team and I also am a part of running our AAU (travel) volleyball program. We purchased shorts for the whole volleyball team...

Here are the following reviews from the girls:

Love them!
Very Comfortable
Easy to move in
Don't roll at the bottom like most spandex
Very Comfortable wearing them commando
Love the stitching and the feel of them
Don't stick to skin
Super comfortable
Good with sweat and easy to move in
Very Breathable and you can't see sweat through them

Multiple of the girls shared with me that they prefer these spandex over all of their name brand spandex like Nike- Mizuno- and Under Armour!
As a matter of fact one of the girls lost hers and is asking to order another pair :)"


AvatarCarolina Moser (Health & Wellness coach)

"I have worn the shorts and loved them! I was surprised with how comfy they were. Often the waist band of Spandex shorts cand squeeze me around the waist. The material of the Pro Volleyball Shorts felt so luxuriously soft and fit seamlessly. I wore them during my lift and immediately washed them that night because I wanted to wear them again. I put them back on the next morning, this time to lounge and run errands. They are perfect for the gym or for everyday! I was a little apprehensive towards seeing how “squat-proof” they would be… but they passed the squat test AND sweat test!! Thats a combination that is hard to find."


AvatarKatie Young (USA Volleyball player)

"It’s the ONLY ones I’ll wear!! I absolutely love the way they feel and wear!! Thank you for a great product and please don’t change your quality! So happy to see the new products on line ! We will be touch! Hope to get the shorts by our next tournament date! Much success to you and the company! Love the web sight! Make sure there’s easy access to the products always. After you have read all the info you just want to JUST GET TO THE ORDERING! :)"


AvatarCarla Lunny (Proud parent)

"My daughter is a 17 y/o volleyball player. These are the only spandex that don’t “ride up”!


AvatarNatalia Villarejo (Co-Founder of Pole Body Fusion Company)

"I wore the shorts yesterday and I really like them! I love the material and how they feel. The length ended up being just perfect!"


AvatarJosephine Hover (Co-Founder of Pole Body Fusion Company)

"I have been wearing the shorts a lot and LOVE THEM not only for pole, but for running, weight lifting etc... AND Natalia (co-worker) wore her shorts in 2 of our new courses! I've been drafting my testimonial in my head and will make it a priority this week to get it to you! Congrats on your new site!"


AvatarEmily J.

"I wore them all day and they were very comfy and did ride up my bottom which is a great feature for sure. They were too tight for my daughter's thick thighs but they fit everywhere else on her. I will most likely order her a medium and I loved the fabric and waist didn't create a Muffin top or slide down when working out. That is a hard to find combination."



"I took them with me on vacation last week and tried them out for the first time. I've never worn shorts like these but felt very comfortable and confident. I really liked them and will probably order another pair."


AvatarCindy Smith

"The shorts are so comfy I wore them under my dress to a wedding that night instead of spanx! Definitely a win."


AvatarSasha Karelov (Volleyball player)

"The shorts are very nice. The material is good quality and we love the seam design on the back. The shorts are comfortable and fit well and performed well through two hours of volleyball!"



"That’s both cool and a bummer! I love the idea. Once I read the info about the fabric I thot that would be awesome for all my other workout because I constantly sweat thru my shorts and it’s always embarrassing. I love wider waistbands because thin bands just give me a muffin top."



"I will be using them for the gym and for urbangym its like crossfit..I love the concept of the shorts and have been searching for shorts that you can not see through when bending or doing squats."



"My daughter is starting college next month and will be playing volleyball. I think Pro Volleyball Shorts powered by Full Commando is a great idea and wanted her to try it out to see how she likes it. If she likes the shorts we’ll probably get the leggings too. Looking forward to trying them out."


AvatarTeresa J.

"I was looking at Pro Volleyball Shorts product for my daughter, she is a volleyball player. I found out daughter loves them so much! :)"


AvatarJulia Z.

"Thank you! I love the shorts - both the quality and fit. You have made me a loyal customer."


AvatarRebekah (amateur volleyball player)

"I'm a big fan of the full commando shorts and capris that I bought. It's been so nice not worrying about underwear underneath! I use them for volleyball."


AvatarElizabeth Oliveri

"I mainly use my Commando shorts for working out. I do squats, lunges and running. I like how they stay in place while being comfortable. They are especially great for running. I feel dry and comfortable while getting logging in my 3 miles on the treadmill. Also, they sit in the right spot so they don't cause a muffin top. I don't have any cons to list because I think they are great!"