Full Commando Leggings

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Here is what you get:


- Only spandex that don’t ride up!

- Offered with an unconditional 100% satisfaction guarantee!

- You can wear it without underpants

- Squat-proof - shorts passed the squat test!

- Not see through

- No muffin top look

- No cameltoe

- No butt sweat and crotch sweat show

- You can wear it without underpants

5 stars: Excellent - no reservations, I would recommend this product to anyone. 

Professional Volleyball leggings are made from a unique blend of incredibly strong materials that will absolutely hold up no matter what you are doing. Additionally, this material is quick drying, which is important for athletic wear. The stitching on Professional Volleyball leggings is created with elastic nylon thread that allows for free movement. What makes Professional Volleyball leggings even more innovative and unique is the gusset lining made with special Full Commando technology. This lining is perfect for keeping you protected from things like sweat and leaks. What this means is that Full Commando technology gives you the freedom to wear  leggings without having to wear underwear.