What Makes FullCommando My Leggings Of Choice

Do you ever have those days where you go for a run or you head to the gym and after what seems like no time at all you’re chafing. I mean, sweats been leaking from every pore and all seems to be gathering in your crotch. No matter what you do, your underwear can only protect so much against this issue and sometimes can make it worse. I’m an exercise freak and have tried all kinds of products to reduce friction so it was with a sigh of relief (literally) that I tried FullCommando leggings. Specially designed to reduce moisture, improve comfort and remove the need for underwear, FullCommando legging’s unparalleled innovation means I can now exercise freely without sweating the small stuff. Never did I imagine I’d be the kind of woman to head out without panties on but now it feels weird when I am wearing them! Combining four special properties through strong material and the amazing Dr Pad technology. I wouldn’t dream of wearing anything else to quench my thirst for exercise.

Unique And Innovative Design

Firstly, the foam. Let me tell you, this foam is good. It retains its structure and doesn’t flatten through use. If you’re after good quality then these leggings have got you covered. You won’t need a second pair (although with the designs on offer you’ll end up with at least three!) Secondly the perforations provide breathability like I’ve never experienced before. You know those days where you can’t wait to get home. Have a shower and get into your pyjamas because you’re feeling all kinds of grotty? These days will be a thing of the past with FullCommando leggings. This next point is a big one and that is the carbon antistatic woven into the very material I’m sitting in as we speak. What’s that you ask? I don’t exactly know, all I know is it helps prevent infection. And if you’ve ever exercised in a thong then you know how easy it is to pick up a nasty UTI. Finally, there is a layer of bioceramic fibre that acts as an absorbing layer. This bit managed to catch any minor leakage (some days even a sneeze can set me off). And mop up any excess moisture. No longer do I suffer from the fear of leaving damp patches when I stand up from the exercise bike.

No Worries

Thanks to the guys over at FullCommando I’ve managed to get my mojo back, I don’t worry about sweating, I don’t worry about Visible Panty Line and I don’t even worry about finding a clean pair of pants in the morning (I’ll happily go without). I know I can trust those leggings. With keeping my dignity intact and leaving me with one less thing to worry about. Head on over to FullCommando to join the ranks of women who are living the dream in an underwear free world. Click here to try FullCommando now.