So Long Thong: Totally Uncomfortable Pieces Of Fabric

What is your morning routine like before getting ready for your morning exercise? Before going to grab your morning coffee from the coffee shop down the store? Does it involve putting on a very thin triangular piece of fabric (thong) underneath your pants? For most women, it does. Why do we wear these? Why do we force ourselves to wear these simple yet totally uncomfortable pieces of fabric underneath our pants, especially yoga pants? Who designed these anyway? Certainly, if they tried them on, they didn't try them on for very long. Yet, day in and day out women all around the world are wearing thongs underneath their pants to avoid one simple yet irritating thing. That never phases to annoy the heck out of every woman who has to endure it - panty lines!

I Prefer Comfort Than Thong

Yes, panty lines, those lines across our pants that showcase to the world: "I prefer comfort to a pad of cotton and polyester between my cheeks" a sign that we are "not in with the times" or "probably not single and looking". How offensive and crazy is that. That our society has come to define us based on the things we wear underneath our actual clothes? In one word, society has gone nuts. But, luckily for us ladies who haven't, there is a solution to avoiding panty lines without having to wear skimpy, uncomfortable and wedgifying thong. Without a doubt, the FullCommando line of yoga pants has been the greatest solution for me. When I want to wear yoga pants without one of simple yet inconvenient triangular shaped piece of fabric made by the devil himself and without having to show panty lines.

Thongs Increase The Risk Of Infections

At this point, you're probably thinking about the slew of problems that comes with that combination, going FullCommando with yoga pants? I must be insane, right? Well, hear me out because that's far from the truth. Let's start with the obvious. There are probably health risks with wearing no underwear underneath your pants, correct? I mean, we name underwear for a reason - it goes under your clothes. However, not all underwear are created equal. Any gynecologist could let you know that thongs increase the risk of urinary tract infections, vaginal infections, and irritation of hemorrhoids!

Different From Other Leggings

FullCommando's leggings feature a triangular shaped gusset inside the pants to completely replace the functionality that proper, good underwear (not thongs) would otherwise provide. Most importantly, in terms of your health - it helps keep you clean, sanitary, and healthy throughout even the longest and most active days. Full Commando's leggings have got you covered, and protected, with a special 4 combination of materials that not only keeps you comfortable, provides breathability, prevents infection, and protects you from unexpected minor leakage due to daily non-menstrual discharge!

Innovative Fabric

The material has got elastic nylon thread, allowing for freedom of movement, too. But the real freedom comes from freeing yourself of the woes of wedgies, scratching, and picking. Free yourself! Buy a pair of FullCommando leggings from htttps://

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