VPL: How To Deal With This Embarrassing Dilemma

Have you ever had a really big date? You know, the kind of date where you get heart palpitations just thinking about them? How about an interview for your dream job? Meeting the other half’s parents for the first time? Leggings fit into an outfit for all occasions and 9 times out of 10 they do the trick. Then there’s those days where you get home to find out your underwear has been visible all day and you just want the world to eat you alive. So what can you do to avoid the dreaded Visible Panty Line in the future? I know that I had had enough of these days and decided to find a solution. I didn’t want to be stuck in something less comfortable day in day out (jeans I’m looking at you) but I never had the confidence to go FullCommando either! The only thing that embarrassed me more than the idea of VPL was the terror of leggings being stretched beyond their means. And showing the world what I had to offer.

It’s All In The Technology

That’s when I found FullCommando leggings and I can honestly say I will never look back! Whether you’re interested in something to wear under a dress or you’ve got a big afternoon planned at the gym. There’s a pair for every occasion. From the plain black pair that goes with anything or something a little more flamboyant, FullCommando cater for every audience but what is it that makes them so much better than your run of the mill leggings? Well, it’s all in the technology (and they’ve put comfort at the forefront of every pair). Elastic nylon thread is woven into the very fabric of the leggings, resulting in a flexible material. That gives freedom of movement. Using a unique blend of materials with superior strength results in a pair of leggings. That will stand up to anything and everything you throw at it. Of course, the true genius of the technology behind FullCommando leggings lies in the incorporation of Dr Pad technology. This innovative lining gives full protection from leakage (it happens ladies! Let’s not shy away from it), sweat patches and keeps everything as it should be. Never do we need to worry about letting the world know what panties (if any) we’re wearing that day. No more worrying about getting off the rowing machine at the gym leaving a damp patch and most importantly, never worrying about discomfort in the nether regions again.

Never Worrying About Discomfort

Sure you can wear whatever underwear you want with FullCommando leggings safe in the knowledge that nobody will be able to see but I honestly can’t think of anything more comfortable than going commando in these leggings. So head over to fullcommando.com and join me with my dirty little secret and live safe in the knowledge that you won't have to worry about a wardrobe malfunction all day. Click here to try FullCommando now.

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