How To Wear Yoga Pants Without Underwear Lines

Yoga is a great way to stay healthy. Its price is relatively cheap to free, it’s great for all ages and is a wonderful way to clear your mind and relax the body. However, yoga can be quite frustrating at times. Frustration when starting out and you’re not as flexible as you want to be, frustration of someone taking your spot, and wedgies. You know the wedgie don’t you? The yogi calls for downward dog, extended wide squat or standing forward bend and the creep begins...

How To Wear Yoga Pants Without Underwear Lines?

Not all underwear is made the same, some are bigger wedgie offenders than others -- I’m looking at you thongs! It’s such a simple piece of clothing and it’s the perfect thing to wear under yoga pants. It avoids panty lines, but it likes to go where it doesn’t belong. Wearing a thong is kind of asking for trouble. When you’re thinking of what to wear and the thong winks at you, a deal is made. It’ll banish panty lines and I’ll let you go where you like. The other option is going Fullcommando. Nothing is more comfortable than wearing nothing at all! Depending on the gender ratio of your yoga class (or sexual orientation of the opposite gender that attends), going Fullcommando is less embarrassing and more acceptable! Yoga is about freeing the mind and the body. Freeing your lady bits from the constricting world of underwear allows you to get closer to peace of mind. Personally, I’d always choose wearing nothing than wearing a thong. Thongs don’t leave much to the imagination, so you might as well go back to nature. Speaking nature; if you’re going to go Fullcommando, you’ll want to let your feminine mane grow just a bit. Completely waxing or shaving leaves the world down under more susceptible to bacteria, which can cause infections.

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