Wearing Underwear Under Your Workout Pants Catches The Sweat

Having an active lifestyle is the beginning to a healthy life. Doing something is always better than doing nothing. The best thing about starting an active lifestyle, is expanding it. I know when I first started jogging every day, it lead to doing other things like mixed martial arts and yoga. However, something I neglected when I started this journey, was underwear. Most days were fine, but depending on how hard I worked, sweat became an issue. After doing a bit of research, I realized how important this aspect of working out is. It’s pretty gross to think about, but it’s necessary to keep healthy...

Wearing underwear under your workout pants is really frustrating

At first, I thought going Full commando was the best way to avoid uncomfortable sweatiness. It’s comfortable and helps avoid panty lines, but it’s not always the healthiest way to exercise. When you exercise you sweat, and because of its position in the body, your lady bits are typically warm. This warm and moist environment is a breeding ground for bacteria. Wearing underwear catches the sweat, removing the moisture and leaving the warmth. Of course this depends on the underwear and exercise fabric. If your trousers naturally removes sweat, going Full commando isn't as big of an issue. If you're trousers aren't made of moisture wicking technology, then you should wear underwear; but which type should you wear? Thongs are a definite no. The G-string tends to move, causing friction in addition to the moisture and heat, and it causes UTIs. This happens despite its fabric. Another, more graphic reason to avoid exercising in thongs, is the position of the thong movement. It moves from the bum to the vagina, displacing the bacteria along the way. No one needs that, no one wants that. It saddens me to say this, as the following type of underwear is my favorite; that's lace. Lace does not breathe. It causes irritation as it rubs against you. Lace is wonderfully comfortable, but save it for after the gym.

How to avoid wearing underwear under your workout pants?

The solution is in Full Commando technology

One easy solution to this underwear problem, is taking advantage of current exercise technology. Some fabrics don't require underwear such as those that feature underlux fabric technology or fabric that is quick drying. Following these tips, you can banish panty lines and still keep your lady bits healthy.

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