Panty Lines Are Caused By Underwear, How To Get Rid Of It

Don’t you hate VPL (visible panty lines)? I know I do, everyone does. VPL are one of the worst parts of wearing leggings. Unless you’re leggings are super flamboyant, these lines stick out like a sore thumb. So, how do you remove them? As the name suggests, panty lines are caused by underwear. The solution is usually the easiest one. In this case, removing the underwear. Some of you may not be comfortable going Fullcommando in leggings. Leggings already shape to your body, and underwear is the last line of modesty one has; aside from covering the material with something like a skirt, shirt, or sweater... Not to mention, when you exercise without underwear, your leggings will catch the sweat creating a less than appealing stain. So, another solution is changing your type of underwear! Regular full underwear isn’t the best to wear underneath as the seams are very thick and can be easily seen. The next best thing are boy shorts. Boy shorts are like full underwear, but they stop under the cheeks instead of on top. However, getting the wrong pair of boy shorts makes them cut into the skin. There’s lace panties, which are marvelous since they’re thin, comfortable and protects one’s modesty better than my next suggestion which is the thong. That’s right ladies, the quintessential barely there underwear is the best solution if panty lines are your main concern. In the end it’s all up to you. Personally, I prefer lace hipster panties, as they never have VPL and are oh so comfortable!

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